Music Production, Audio Engineering and Recording Studio in Brisbane

Underground Audio is a Brisbane recording studio operated by engineer Chris Brownbill.

Based in Nundah, our services include engineering, mixing, production and voice over work. This facility has been built as a resource that is available to all musicians, bands, ensembles and freelance engineers.

Underground houses plenty of remarkable vintage and modern amplifiers, cabinets, drum sets and instruments that will satisfy any discerning musician. We also offer analogue recording options.

From just $350 a day for studio hire and setup, we welcome you to contact us to discuss your project and give you a tour of the facility.

If you are looking to record amazing music with staff who have a true passion and are masters of their craft, look no further than Underground Audio. With years of experience working with hundreds of bands and artists, Underground Audio has gained its reputation as the primary recording studio for the independent music community. From our convenient location of Brisbane, Queensland, we are proud of being renowned for providing high quality services in recording, mixing, production and voiceovers. Our Brisbane recording studio has been acoustically designed to produce an inspiring, creative and productive environment to meet all the needs of musicians, bands, ensembles and freelance engineers alike. We are all about providing the ultimate recording experience and working alongside and assisting our artists every step of the way to achieve the greatest result.

At Underground Audio it is extremely important to us that all our clients are provided a comfortable space and a creative atmosphere to ensure the confidence in high quality recording and production. Through trained ears, extensive experience, drive and passion our number one priority and goal is helping artists make the record they want to make and to achieve the best results with our recording studio services.

Visit our ‘Contact’ page to find out the various ways you can get in touch and start the journey to amazing music production

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