March 2018

Hey there audio friends and people of the music community.
Greatly excited to announce we are operational at our new facility! We are now located on the north side of Brisbane, about 10 minutes from the city. This studio was designed by Matrix acoustics together with Latemore architects here in QLD and it is a truly incredible space to make a record.

The studio is built around a massive drum room that is roughly 6m x 12m and close to 3 stories high. This room is floating and completely independent structurally to the other recording rooms.
Alongside this is two other spaces we have just put the finishing touches on. These are smaller but not exactly dead, acoustically they have less of a tail and more top end absorption. Both adjoining rooms have instrument, speaker and mic ties to every other room in the facility.
Budding these main spaces is a completely dead vocal booth, and lastly the control room which is much more spacious than our previous one.

The past month and a bit has been spent constructing and laying new cable. We wanted every option to be available, meaning that where ever you intend to play needs to be connected to every other room in the studio. This is particular useful for isolating instruments in a live recording.

The past week was dedicated to the control room doing. Performing tests and budging speakers and furniture around inch by inch.. then running more tests! It is an extremely accurate room and the detail carried out is remarkable.

Pushing up faders for the first time on a drum set was a striking experience and made all the labour feel worth it.

There are also some other perks that will make this studio a huge upgrade from our last. A loading bay without stairs is patently helpful! (especially for your back). There is a kitchenette and private outdoor area, and free on site parking on the street.
We are also a 5 min walk from nundah village where there are a million cafes and food options.

We are hugely excited and look forward to working with all of you in the music community here in Brisbane!

Under the assumption that everything being recorded here this month most likely won’t be available to the pubic for quite some time, we thought we would make a basic drum recording to illustrate what our new main room sounds like.

Local drummer Ben Smith was nice enough to come in and have a play with some microphones up. These were recorded without EQ, compression or any other manipulations, having said that on the “close” mic setup there was a peak limiter as a utility on the mix bus.

We prepared this demonstration in such a way as to show people what the main room sounded like completely raw. With a decent set of headphones you can hear the evenness in the ambient recording. The low end of the room is balanced nicely and the tail is very ideal.