September 2017

Hey there band people / recording enthusiasts

Welcome to the second edition of Notes from the Underground.
I have somehow found the time to do this again.

The studio has been a huge mess for a month now due to back to back tracking sessions. The last band we have had here is Reddy Bay band ‘Beddy Rays’. They spent some time here multi tracking an EP.  Also trans continental blues force ‘Barry and the Bossmen’ were all here in the country live tracking a full length. Next week will see local doom band Indica back here doing a double LP, I’m predicting their songs will have a decent run time.

New Additions

One item that was left off last months mail-out was this recent acquisition, an early 70’s dr103. Its taken close to 10 years of searching to find one that was in the right condition whilst being affordable. Those of you who know guitar amplfiiers know this is a holy grail amp.

Those familiar with older Marshalls will find this particular amp has loads more headroom and will be noticeably thicker and detailed at any setting in comparison.

This amplifier has already been used on 4 records since finding its now permanent home.

A variable bias resistor has not been added to it yet but this is something that is on the cards.

We have also also procured a pair of audio technica 4041’s. This was on recommendation from Scott Evans of antisleep.

Underground will be hosting a DIY synth building workshop run by Analog Ordnance (now known as Adeptus Creative Electronics). It will be on a saturday, the 30th of September. There are no tools required and beginners are welcome to attend.


Hexmere are a three piece Brisbane band that came and live tracked their first self titled record here in March. 

Something of note is their equipment setup. I have found the drums to be quit interesting due to them physically being of poor quality with double heads on to dampen the sound. They often use old broken cymbals strung together and this has been idiosyncratic to their rhythm section.

If you want to buy their record you can do so here.


As much fun as it is labouring over a record for days or even weeks, it is such a blast to get a band in for a demonstration recording. This was all day in a day with hardly any microphones up. One mic on a bass cabinet, one mic on a guitar cabinet, a stereo blumlein infront of the kit with a couple spot mics and a handheld vocal which was a 421. There is something great about a wall of noise that has hardly any phase discrepancy. Also, the tape machine got used on this one.

You can listen here.