October 2018

Hello audio world,

We’ve had a bunch of singles on the board from Tee Noah (the fictional descendent of Haile Selassie). Also mixing a record from Wollongong band Rat Coffin and some hip hop singles. The larger record of this month was the third Hope Drone LP, which is still yet to be balanced and signed off on. Some photos below detail the happenings of this session. Next mailout we will have a bunch more info on this for those interested!

The next few months have some hugely exciting recordings happening, some really remarkable bands that we are very excited to house!


Some new additions as of this week are a pair of Geoff Daking’s Mic Pre/EQ units. These are single channel discrete class A microphone preamplifiers that have four band EQ. Those familiar with the vertical version be aware that these are the exact same, just more rack friendly. They are based on the Trident A range console. Its often said they have the presence and articulation of low end akin to Neve but without the low mid build-up, with the diction of top end that API stuff is known for. A line in allows them to be used in mixing, some use them on the mix buss either as a blend or straight thru.