December 2018

Hey you there!

Its been a pretty insane year at this new premises. We want to thank all of the bands and musicians for bringing us your records, its really incredible that there are people in this community (and interstate) that see the worth in larger recording studios in this era. Further significant is the fact that we have made so many new friends. Its so great to work with younger people that are coming up in this scene, its fascination to witness how they are finding their sea legs as musicians or creatives in general, in opposition to being of a slightly older generation and acclimatizing to how music is made, recorded and distributed. There is always so much to be gleaned from those surrounding you and this has been a great year for that.

Our new podcast is underway and we are so elated to have the hero of Head Gap and remarkable guitarist of Ricaine, Neil Thomason as our first guest.
Why start a podcast? For the past decade or so I’ve been rather fortunate (due to timing and connections) to come into contact with really remarkable engineers. Some that have been at this for over 40 years and are card carrying masters in this craft. It seems quite selfish to hold on to all the info passed down to me over the years so I’m hoping some of the many conversations I’ve had with these professionals I can replay in podcast form in the hope that others can benefit in the way I have. I’m sure young engineers and musicians will find these conversations inspiring and informative. It is hugely exciting looking ahead at the guests to come. It can be viewed on the ‘listen’ section of this website.

The past few weeks have seen in Tee Noah, Dads Fastest Swimmers, Nathan Kearney, Kugypt, Requin to name a few. Got some exciting projects over Xmas!

Nathan Kearney

We recently had our ol’ buddy Nath in tracking his solo record. Nathan actually used to work at Underground at our previous premises but has spent the last year or so living in Bairnsdale, Gippsland. Most of that time spent writing this record so it was a pleasure to welcome him back and get it tracked. He employed inveterate pal and lifelong cellist Tim Robert to assist with the bulk of the songs. From Brisbane joining us were James Walker from Requin (drums) and Julia R Anderson (vocal duties).


Mark spent some time with Brendan Auld tracking a drumset and guitars for his new solo project titled Snorlax.



We’ve been searching for these particular models of 414s for an age now and have finally landed some. The B ULS versions are a darker transducer that have internal transformers. They are much better suited for overheads and most other brighter sources due to a sense of weight that can combat fast acting harsh transients. The ‘ULS’ stands for ‘Ultra Linear Series’ and denotes that the mic has a completely linear transfer characteristic of transmission parameters. The electronics are a more complex design in comparison to the TL series.