February 2019

Hello audio friends

Had a strong and strange year so far, some different projects which is always great. Some voice over projects for friends, a bunch of podcast recording. We’ve had Kora aficionado Ziggi in laying down his solo record. Ascot Stabber have tracked a bunch of songs. Benny Nelson was completing a single here with Alex Henrickson. Sydney engineer Doug Clarke was up tracking a band. We have some exciting developments that will come into fruition publicly in the next few weeks, stay tuned!

Ascott Stabber

Had an old beat up vistalite for this session which we had to work quickly to mend before commencing the session. Additionally, a fantastic lil japanese guitar. Looking back on the notes for this session.. there weren’t many, which usually means it was smooth.

Benny Nelson


I spent a bit of time experimenting with microphones on this thing. I approached it differently in comparison to how I mic normal upright harps. How you see this Kora (African Harp) sitting is how it is played, on the lap with thumbs instead of fingers. As expected both Koras were within a scale, one in G major and the other F minor. I learnt that part of its sound actually comes from a piece of purpose shaped metal called a nyenmyemo that resonates from the bridge.

I noticed that one of the Koras was a bit more pillowy sounding and the other was more acerbic, unexpected as they were both seemingly identical and additionally had the same thickness cow hide over the body. In any case they were miced differently. A beyer 160 was in use over the hole and a 414 BULS pointing down the neck. I found an even amount of transient with this position whilst also still marrying well with the body source in regards to phase correlation and how sympathetic they were to eachother.


The third instalment of our podcast is now available for unbelievably intense listening pleasure. Super lucky to be able to spend time talking to Eddie Rivas of Total Annihilation studios in LA.

Eddie has been a perpetual resource for bands in LA area for decades now. We talk about opening his facility, his recording techniques and business practices and also his role in the newly reformed Distorted Pony. You can listen to it here.

Total Annihilation instagram

Radio Espacio
O Lo Siento