April 2019

Hello there!

Another month goes by so quickly. Lots of fun recording and solid weeks of mixing we got stuck into. Deafcult and Spitn Nails have been in with Mark Perry. The PBs tracked an EP and we’ve been mixing a record from Novus Wild and a bunch of music for Tarik Menzies.


We have recently procured a 2 track machine, a rev B JH110 that was on its way to its eternal resting place. We decided to get it back up to scratch and have spent the last month or so restoring this beast. It has mainly consisted of basic remedies such as recapping boards, cleaning connectors and replacing ICs. The power supply is being looked over by Colin Abrahams from Studio Connections who is the King of Kings when it comes to MCI.

We now have shirts available! For those wanting to be the coolest kid at the playground email us.




Incase you missed our last newsletter, we launched our new video series entitled “Underground Sessions”. Our first live recording was with Brisbane band Requin and can be viewed here.

These sessions were mastered by Matthew Gray Mastering.

Bad Sext have dropped a single from their forthcoming EP thru Grain and it can be heard here. We did this record over a week in November last year.

This release was also mastered by Matt Gray.

We have some really exciting announcements coming up, also plenty of great bands coming in to make music and another podcast which we are really excited about. Thank you for being receptive to what we are doing and showing support for our recording facility!