Hey audio friends,

This year is really flying by now. August saw local doom two piece Ankura track an EP and The Goon Sax also started a reiterative recording process. The eponymous heroes of Bundaberg, The Hybrids were in tracking a few songs. Lying Down were here starting demonstration recordings in prescience for their LP occurring in some months time.

Another undertaking we are hugely excited about is the second Underground Sessions video series which we are hoping to release in the coming weeks. This time we were lucky to have the amazing Ainslie Wills perform 2 songs from her new record ‘All you have is all you need’. It was a fantastic time!

Further, thank you to everybody that has given feedback on the last podcast we did with Dereck Blackburn, if you happened to of missed that it can be streamed here.


Massive sizes on this one, a 24×22, 13, 16 and 18. These toms were tuned quite low, slightly lower than they were comfortable being at and this meeting the fact that all toms were suspended really upped the resonance. One of the rare circumstances in which this was flattering for the music. Going off the references presented for the drum ambience, hardly any close microphones were used at all. When pulling the faders down on the ambient microphones, 80% of the kit disappeared!

For this setup we had a stereo pair of boundary microphones, one delayed 22 ms and the other 26 ms. There was also our figure 8 blumlein ribbon and a couple LDC’s placed at the back of the room.

For elec. bass we had two amplifiers with a pair of typical microphones on each. I do recall spending a fair amount of time watching speakers for certain notes upsetting the dust cap. With ridiculous doom tones you do have to monitor the whole spectrum of the fretboard and find sympathetic settings to make the sure the output is behaving with the drivers. Don’t get me wrong, some notes popping out and having their abberations isn’t a negative thing.. but in this circumstance they can really oppress your settings.

The Goon Sax

Lying Down

The Hybrids

EP tracked over 3 block sessions for a fantastic Bundaberg band. Really remarkable acrylic drum set, super even sounding without texturally being too modern or predictable.. if that makes any sense.

Underground Sessions #2 Stills

Looking forward to releasing this next video series!

Adam were kind enough to allow us to trial some A77X’s in this past fortnight. Very impressed with build quality and bass response especially in this level speaker.