UNDERGROUND AUDIO - Recording Studio


Will it be problematic for my band to all play in the same room at the same time?

The live rooms here have been linked with instrument, speaker and microphone tie lines so you will be able to play in a different room to your amplifier. This has been set up to eliminate spill (undesirable sound making its way into drum microphones et al.)

Can we bring our own engineer to Underground?

Of course! We welcome any freelance engineers and the studio has been set up to be quite easy to use for an outsider.

Can we change a mix, weeks or months after the fact?

The studio is centered around a large-format analogue console, unfortunately mix recalls are not possible. It is best to arrange a suitable amount of time for mixing your record, allowing a day at the end of the session to take mixes home for a brief term before making any final adjustments. It is possible to also obtain stems from your sessions here.

Can we just come and track drums in the space?

Certainly, the main live room is an excellent room for drums and has been acoustically calibrated to enhance this particular instrument in a flattering manner.

What is mastering and is there a certain mastering engineer we should go with?

The way mastering developed was as a final necessary production step, prior to pressing records. When a recording was completed, a lacquer master was made. In the process of creating a matrix (press stamp) for the manufacturing of a vinyl disc or a glass matrix for a cd, small adjustments could be made to the stereo image, dynamic range, frequency response et al. Eventually those small adjustments became supreme in importance and in some ways, the definition of mastering.

These subtle, and sometimes not so subtle manipulations that occur within the process seem to be propagated and being sustained in recent years by the home recording boom and the fact that most recording these days is undertaken in less than flattering environments and mix rooms.

It is critical to remember the historical utility of mastering, that it is really just a manufacturing step. For when a record is made at a purpose built recording facility like Underground, the recording and mix rooms have been calibrated acoustically to lessen problematic artefacts and discrepancies in the frequency response of the final mix.

It is often stated and always true that the best mastering engineers do very little.

Some mastering engineers we have had luck with in the past:

Carl Saff

Bob Weston

Matthew Gray

JJ Golden

Do you offer internships?

Unfortunately not at this time.

Feel free to send any other questions our way at undergroundaudiobrisbane@gmail.com